Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Sunday

FYI: These pictures suck, I left my Canon at home and am regretting it now. So enjoy the red eye and blurry pics....LOL!!!

I swear this kid is going to be a BASKETBALL player, he loves basketball.

My boys in a car I can't remember

In a Land Rover, Daddy wants this car.

And he wants this one too.

The Chevy Colorado, we use to have one so the boys HAD to sit in it.

And again.

Jax in the back of a Toyota, Ash didn't dare climb up there.

I loved the color of this truck, seriously it was amazing!

My truck, someday when my kids are all grown up and I don't have to worry about feeding them, I will have this.

My Mom has a green Jeep, but these two were amazing, I think I am in love.

Proof that little girl was there, but I didn't dare let her out of her stroller, too many people.

Duh Mom, we have to have a picture by the GREEN car, not only because Uncle Justin works for Mazda, but because its green.

Jax and Ash were drooling over these cars and had to have another picture by them.

After we left the car show we went to The Mayan, I love this place and my kids thought we were at Disney Land, although they didn't eat, they sat on the rock and watched the divers the whole time. It was fun and a perfect Sunday!!

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Eric and Jenny said...

Eric is hoping to go to the car show tommorow with his brother. Glad you got to do something fun as a family, I am sure it felt great to get out and have a good time.