Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Saturday morning Hike

We got up early this morning, packed a picnic and headed to the Fort Worth Nature Center for a hike.

We found this ball of insect eggs about 5 mins into our walk.  I had never seen one before, but now I have.

Lex did pretty good for being a three year old and hiking 2 hrs which ended up being 3.25 miles.

A butterfly that's hard to see on the leave

My boys, Ashton was already tired.  I think he is getting a cold.

All of the monkeys on the hike.

This was about 10 mins before Ashton went down the hillside.  They found two cars above the trail and of course hey had to check it out.

After our long hike we headed back for a picnic and the wind picked up which turned out perfect.

On our way out we stopped to see the prairie dogs, two of them had babies, one had 5 and the other had 4.  They were so cute.
It was a beautiful day!

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