Sunday, April 14, 2013

Instagram Update #1 - April

Two spoiled dogs.

A boy with his music, I wish my kids didn't discover it honestly, too much work for this Mama to have to worry about what he is listening to.

Grandma Bonnie and Lex on our hike

Typical Texas day, a wreck every single day, so Lex and I watch airplanes come in.

Our Mondays through Thursdays are EXHAUSTING, Lex hardly ever falls asleep, well not this day.

This is how he sleeps

Lex made a kindness jar at Church

Reading bible stories has become our new

Finally getting to decorating Lex room, haven't exactly discovered WHAT I want to do, but have some ideas.

Saturday morning hike.

This quote just felt good to read and a great reminder that I'm NEVER alone.

The Sound of FREEDOM, one thing I for sure miss about home is the jets flying over.

Yep, that's my doggy.

Beautiful Saturday, a hike and a picnic

Boys brought seashells home from the ocean and I made them a new decoration to our house.

Catching some sun rays

Only in Texas

Getting my tan on.

This ice cream is heaven on earth

sandal season

She stayed home with Daddy, can you tell?

So true

I'm a LIST girl

Saturday Picnic

Poor boy exhausted after our hike

Sleeping boys = silence

Love, love, love this

This girl gives me a run

Trying new things, this time....Pizza INN

My boy took a tumble down the hill side.

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