Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer catch up

We've been busy, I think things are finally calming down a little.  Bob and I have some time off this coming week and we are both excited.

Jaxon has now been gone for 5 days and I miss him like CRAZY.  He is having a blast though and doesn't want to come home anytime soon. 

Ashton went to Idaho with my Sister Miranda for the weekend, her Husband is working up there full time in Pocatello, so Ash went to keep her company while he worked and he definately kept her BUSY.

We've been doing a whole lot of this, we've only missed one day of swimming in this pool.  We love it.

A couple of things:

*Ash, Lex and I went to the Stratfords to go swimming on Friday, we met Misty and picked up Cafe Rio.  I love my best friend Misty, she is always there for me no matter what, I can talk to her about ANYTHING, I love our friendship, we can text any time of the day and be there for each other.  Her Daughter means the world to me and my Family.  My Mom currently watches her while Misty is at work. 

*Ashton conquered a huge fear and went off the diving board all by himself.  He took about an hour to finally do it, but I am so proud of him.  He also learned from Misty how to swim better and is doing GREAT.

*Bob, Ash, Lex and I had a picnic out back last Thursday, Bob picked up a pizza from Papa Murphy's and we ate it in between the pool fun we were having.

*Bob and I both got new iPads, we've been wanting one forever, but couldn't justify the money.  He bought me one last Thursday and went back and got him one on Saturday.  We love love love them. 

*Bob, Lex and I went to Ruby River for dinner on Friday, we told Lex we were taking her on a date since her brothers are gone.  We had fun and she ate the most she has eaten in a long time.

*A Funny thing Lex said while giving her a bath, She said "Mom, I need to wash my pit, pits!"

*We got family pictures this past Monday, I can't wait to show them all off, I should be picking up the CD this week and then I get to decide which picture to put on my canvas I prepaid for and which other ones are going in other places, I really cannot wait.

We are loving summer and don't have any big plans, but I love it this way.  We are planning a trip for Disney Land, so we are going to be saving lots of money.

Happy 1st day of July, one of my favorite months!

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