Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pieces of our life

Things are crazy right now and about to get even crazier.  Bob has school everyday next month Monday-Thursday 6-9:30 and I'm wondering how its all going to happen. 

I am a schedule girl Monday through Friday, we follow a schedule with pretty much everything.  Fridays are a little more free and we do whatever we want.  So this shall be interesting.

This past weekend my Sister came over to help me clean the boys rooms, it needed to be done and I wanted to go through Jax stuff while he was gone.  Plus I'm re-doing their rooms and wanted to clean stuff, deep clean stuff.  So we spent 3 hrs in Jax room.  I've talked about his eating problems before, if I haven't, well then I'll explain a little.  Jax can't just take ONE granola bar or ONE fruit snack or ONE thing of peanut butter crackers or ONE pop tart, he eats the WHOLE box and I mean the ENTIRE FREAKING BOX.  SO its hard to have snacks around here.  He sneaks them at night and this has been an on going problem.  Right after Jax left, Bob went into his room and brought out about 50 wrappers from the side of his bed.  I knew that wasn't even half of them.  So Miranda and I pulled out his bed and here is HALF, yes HALF of what we found.

Its embarassing, but I want to show him in 20 years what he did.  I can't figure out where he stores it.  This is pretty much 6 months worth of garbage, because his bed was moved to this spot in January and he has been gone a month.  This is ONLY half remember, the other half I didn't take a picture of, I thought I had seen it all, but his head board had just as much under it.  So the plan is to do a deep deep clean in his room every 3 months from here on out.

Other things happening:

Jax will be home in 6 days, I seriously can't wait.  I've missed him like crazy.  He is suppose to come back with a disc of pictures, so I'll have posts about that.  I'm going to hug and love on him for a long time.  Its amazing to me that he has made it this long, I thought for sure he'd want to come home sooner, but he has loved every minute of it.  ME....not so much!

Ashton went to the rodeo with his Aunt Autumn last night.  He had a blast!

This picture has nothing to do with what we were going to do, but Lex insisted on having her picture taken before we headed to take my sister Cafe Rio for her birthday.

Nova and Daisy love each other, they cuddle a lot now and I love it.  Nova is a fun puppy with the cutest personality.

I started school shopping.  I want to be done by August 15th.  I have my list and stuff to get and the places to go.  I went and checked out the stores in Farmington, Tilly's looks good for some cute kids clothes and a lot of stuff is on clearance.  We'll be hitting up Old Navy, Target, Children's Place and Crazy 8.  And then Maurices for MOMMY....LOL

Thats about it.  Bob will possibly be having back surgery sooner than we thought since our insurance denied him getting his nerves cauterized instead.  We wanted to hold back surgery off until next year, but its not going to happen.  And while we've met our deductible I told him to get it over with.  We have to get approval from cardiology and all, so this should be interesting.  Having a Husband with heart problems is exhausting.  But I wouldn't change a thing.

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