Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Fourth

We didn't make any big plans for the fourth, decided last minute to have our family over to swim and barbecue, then later head to Layton Park for "people watching" and fireworks.

This little DIVA had two outfits, so she wore this before swimming while running errands and her other outfit she wore to the fireworks.  It worked out perfect.

Ashton only played a little bit before he left and went and seen Spiderman in 3D with his Aunt Miranda and Uncle Justin. 

We (Bob, myself, my Dad, my Grandma, my Aunt Joy and Lex) all played in the pool for 3 hours non-stop.  We play HORSE, PIG and tried to jump on the Ashton's green tube numerous times.  We laughed and played so hard that I didn't even realize I was getting a sunburn until after my shower.  My Mom was there also, she just watched us make fools of ourselves.

After Lex showered, she crashed on the couch until we left to head to Layton for fireworks.  She was completely worn out.

Then her second wind arrived and it was over from there.  She was full of it for the rest of the night!

Her second outfit of the day, Grandma bought it for her for her birthday.

And this stud who finally decided to join us, he had a blast at the movies with his Aunt and Uncle, but boy did I miss him. 

Its weird not having Jaxon here, I feel like something is missing constantly, not having him in any pictures makes me sad, but I know he is having a blast and this vacation for him was MUCH NEEDED.

Having fun with their light up swords.

They talked Grandma into the park and they came back like this, its a little blurry, but I still think its cute.

And then all of Ashton's energy came out....

They played for about 2 hrs like this and I just watched and took pictures.

They thought they were cold and they were standing on the side waving at cars or people that passed.

And the fireworks began...

The firework show was very good, I couldn't believe how long it lasted and there were some very big ones.  We had tons of fun and our fourth was perfect this year.

Happy Fourth!!

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