Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Randoms

I feel like the only time I can blog is on the weekends. Well its true. Life is so busy lately, its insane.

Here are a couple things keeping us busy:

*Bob started school 2 weeks ago and things have been crazy, our lives on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are a little out of control. Bob has class Monday and Thursday, but is in school full time and has to do homework every other day. This will all be worth it in 3 years when he is done. He will graduate with a Bachelors in technical science. I'm super proud of him.

*Next consuming our life is Basketball. We have practices on Wednesday, so I go while Bob does homework. We normally have to get dinner on the go or do something quick. Saturdays are games. Todays was early at 8am. Talk about not getting to sleep.

* homework. I'm sure anyone with kids knows what I am talking about. I feel like I spend so much time on homework. The other night I spent 3 hrs with Jax re-doing a paper he didn't do well on. Ashton has started math at school too, so we are spending more time with him.

*The best thing in the last two weeks is that we bought a WII. Bob wanted it for Netflix, but the boys talked us into Just Dance 3 and we have been doing that all week.

*The bad thing about this past week. Lex hasn't been doing to good. She has complained about an owie in her tummy for quite a while now. I kind of blew it off thinking she was just being a two year old kid. On Thursday night things took a turn for the worse. She was up all night, screaming that she was in pain. She wasn't running a fever, puking or anything else, so I assumed she just had an upset tummy. I rubbed her tummy until she crashed in my bed (my kids have NEVER slept in my bed) and we got an hour of sleep. All these things raced through my head....heart, hernia or something bad. Friday I tossed up taking her in, she complained off and on. She really wasn't her self, wouldn't eat, wouldn't rest...NOTHING. At 6pm I took her to Instacare, they ran tests, did x-rays and found that she has excessive gas bubbles in her tummy. It could mean a number of things. Blockage, infection and if she got worse to take her to the ER. So we go home, she gets some milk (her favorite drink in the whole world) and immediately following is in pain again. It didn't click until I started thinking back to her getting the pains and complaining. Yesterday, she had milk with her breakfast and was in pain. Lunch she ate 5 bites of Mac N' Cheese and was in pain. Yesterday evening she ate yogurt and was in pain. DUH!!!! She is lactose intolerant. So we are testing her ourselves, we doing 48 hrs of NO DAIRY. This is going to be a struggle, but we have got to figure it out. So far today, she has been great. She is exhausted, but great. We bought her SILK, some oatmeal for breakfast, apple juice and lots of fruit cups. She loves cheese though, so its going to be hard. I feel extremely bad for her and wish I would've caught it sooner.

So this is what we have been up to, nothing much at all. We are preparing for our vacation at the end of March to Texas, we have 67 days and I can hardly wait. Trying to explain to our kids that we need to save money for our vacation is a little hard, they don't get it.

Can you believe this crazy weather? Rain all day and now we are having a blizzard.


Thiago & Teri said...

Oh my heavens..poor Lex. And poor mom, that is the hardest thing when you are worried about your kids like that and aren't sure what is wrong. So horrible. Good luck with the testing though, hope it all gets worked out.

And hey, good job for Bob and going to school. That is awesome!!

Eric and Jenny said...

I laughed at kids homework cause I so understand, isn't it the I worst. I think I like forward to Friday's just as much as they do cause it means a break from homework!

So I am sorry about Lex poor little girl, I hope you figure out what's going on for sure and that she does okay without her cheese! That's a hard thing to explain to a little one why she can't have the things she loves.