Saturday, November 26, 2011

Setting up Christmas

We have officially put up Christmas. It is such a work of art trying to figure out where everything is going to go. I still need to figure out a place for my stockings and get a new nativity set, I have been eye balling the one at Costco, I may purchase it on Friday, we will see.

This girl wasn't much help, she had 500 ornaments on one branch, the poor branch was touching the ground, it was quite hilarious!!

These two boys loved it so much they could set up trees everywhere.

Love this picture.

I should be mad right now at my Husband, but I can't be. He mistaked our new tree for something else and took it to the dump. Our new one was a lot bigger and was just white lights, I loved it. But its a good excuse to get a new one at the end of the season and we just used our back up, its still pretty, but nothing like last year.

Love my little monkeys, they are what makes the Holiday Season so much more FUN!!!

And the rest of the decorations. I'm excited, Christmas isn't very far away, we are making our list of things we want to do, we have some very busy weekends ahead of us.

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Eric and Jenny said...

First of all happy birthday friend, I am sorry I am so terrible at blogging lately. I am always behind it seems......I hope you had a wonderful day!

Now I think Miss Lexi's gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. I should not be jealous of a two year olds hair but yet I kind of am!