Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I way love Thanksgiving, I always have the best time with my Family! We laugh so hard that by the end of the night not only do we have stomachaches from eating, but from laughing also.

I love my 3 babies to pieces. I am so thankful these three, I hope they know ONE DAY how they mean to me.

These two monkeys went up and down the hill a couple of times. I love the giggling out of Lexi, she loves when her brothers pay attention to her.

And this big boy helped his Grandma with leaves, what a sweet guy he is. He even carried them to the garbage for her.

Ashton learned how to skateboard and was showing me his moves.

He loves to show off.

Jax hard at work whiddling (I think thats how you spell it). He gets a pocket knife from his Grandpa and a stick and pretty much makes the stick raw.

My tiny dog, I love her.

My Son colored his belly button pink with permanent marker, oh the JOY of a five year olds.

My Aunt Joy and me. Love her.

Anxiously waiting Turkey dinner.

And then it was time. Funny story about the turkey. My Dad was cutting it and it was all dark meat, we were kind of scared. Well he was half asleep putting the turkey in and put it in upside down. Made for a good laugh.

Bob made Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake, it was AMAZING!!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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