Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Saturday 11/12/11

Saturday was kind of a BORING day. My kids were dying to get out of the house. I had done crafts all day and they kind of just lounged around. Around 3pm, we decided to go to Syracuse Family Fun Center. I hadn't been there for awhile.

We got the boys passes for the super big trampoline and the blow up toys. We didn't waste our money on buying them for Lex, she doesn't go within 5 feet of a trampoline or the blow up toys they scare the living day lights out of her.

Lexi was perfectly content with riding the train over and over and over and over and over and over.

And while the boys ran wild and crazy, because we all know thats what boys need to do.

Lexi pretended like she was driving.

We then played some minature golf, Jax got really into it. I hate golf, I think its the dumbest sport on earth. But I had fun watching.

We ended our fun with another ride on the train only with big brother.

So our BORING Saturday ended pretty well.

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