Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There is nothing more that I love than giving. I love giving to my kids, my family and my friends. Its just me. I would be fine if I never got anything for Christmas as long as I could give to someone in need.

As you have heard me talk about several times, Bob and I are helping a family, the Romo Family.

One day Bob was talking to the Father about Christmas, he explained to Bob that they have never had a Christmas tree in their 4 years of marriage. The first year they lived with her Family, then the second they spent at Primarys and then last year they couldn't afford one. I just couldn't imagine those 2 sweet little girls going without a tree, if anything. So Bob and I bought them a brand new tree with ornaments. It was the greatest feeling to give them the tree. I have never seen two people smile so much over a christmas tree. And it warmed my heart.

Bob and I also submitted them for Secret Santa, as you can remember Bob and I were given Christmas by 97.1ZHT in 2009 and I wanted to pay it forward to another family. So keep your fingers crossed that they choose this family and hopefully I can share all the details later.

Bob and I have been able to give this family some clothes for their girls, winter coats for them, a tree, diapers and shoes. But it doesn't even put a dent in what they need.

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