Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surprise Trip

Lexi knew I was going to Texas, but she has not a single clue she was joining me.  So we left on Monday the 5th, picked Lex up a little after 1pm.  She thought she was just going to drop Mommy off.  Little did she know.

She fell asleep about 10 mins from being at the airport.  The plan was to arrive and then have the truck open and hand her her backpack, the plan worked well, but she was still half asleep to realize what her Dad had told her.  So I said "Lex, you're going to Texas with Mommy!" and her face lit up.  From there on out, she was wide awake.

We got checked in and through security just fine and the anticipation was killing Lexi as she was so excited now. 

We got on the plane about 45 minutes before our flight took off.  She had a permanent smile on her face.  I was worried about her ears, but my worrying was for NOTHING.  She did amazing.

We had a layover in Denver and then we headed to DFW.  When we were landing in DFW, she fell asleep.  But quickly woke up upon arrival.  She was so excited to see two of the people she has missed terribly.  Grandpa and Bonnie.

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