Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leaving Texas, May 10th

I was honestly ready to go home.  I missed Bob, Jaxon and Ashton like crazy.  I was gone for 5 days, but it really felt like 2 weeks.  We had a 4pm flight.  I honestly can't believe how smooth things went for the flights.  Everything was perfect.  If Frontier Airlines didn't charge a fortune for their bags, I'd fly them all the time, but they do and that sucks.

We got to the airport a little early, but I'm a early to arrive person.  So I was happy with being early.  Lex and I browsed some stores, got Starbucks and relaxed until our flight came.

Our flight to Denver was very interesting to say the least.  I caught Lexi rubbing the guys arm next to her in the picture above.  And decided that on the way to Utah, she was sitting by the window, so there would be no arm rubbing.  She is quite the entertaining child to say the least.

I was so happy to arrive in Utah, but not happy about the freezing weather.

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