Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Day in Texas

We got in super late to Texas.  Didn't get home until close midnight and I was exhausted after a full day of flying.

Had to be up and ready early this day, had a rehearsal to attend.

The whole reason for this trip was for my very good friend Brandi's wedding.

After rehearsal, we went to the Arlington National Cemetery.  It was quite an eye opener.  I can't believe how many people are buried in this cemetery.  So many people from World War II, Korean War and the current war are buried in this place.  When we were driving through, there were two funerals taking place.  Made me teary eyed knowing all the Men and Women that have sacrificed so much for my freedom. 

Its also the place my Grandparents want to be buried.  My Grandpa is a Veteran, served faithfully in the Air Force.  I couldn't think of having to go back there for their funeral, it hurts too much to think about that. 

Lexi didn't really understand why we were there, but I'm glad that she was with me.

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