Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brandi & Brian Wedding

Brandi and I have been friends for a long time.  She is more like a sister to me.  I wouldn't have missed her getting married for the world and I felt honored when she asked me to be in her line. 

This day was a long awaited day for Brandi.  I knew the stress she had gone through to get to this day.  Many times I listened to her vent or cry when she felt things weren't going right.  I would remind her that in the end she would look back and realize the only things that would matter is being able to marry the love of her life.

The day was perfect.  Yes there were a few minor issues, but nothing that we couldn't handle.  I loved every minute of being there.  I'm so happy that Brandi has Brian and Brian has Brandi, they complete each other.

Congrats my friends, sure do love you guys!

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