Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dear Lexi,

Another year has come and gone.  This last year I've watched you go from a little toddler to a little girl.  Sometimes it brings a tear to my eye to see how fast you are growing up.  You have taught me so many things from even before you were born.  You are my baby, the last of my three amazing kids.  Although I only carried you for 8 months, I try to never forget what it was like to have you in my tummy.  From the time you were born you were a fighter.  Going through about 4 IV's in the first week of your life.  Proving doctors wrong and beating all the odds.  You have been through more in your five years of life than I have in my 30. 
I truly believe God sent you to us for a reason, I believe without a doubt that you are what saved your Dad when he was sick.
I know you are a Daddy's Girl and for some time I struggled with that.  But the look on your face when you are with Daddy is priceless.  Daddy has won you over.  He can't say NO to you, he thinks you walk on water. 
I love that you love pink and purple, but also have a love for ninja turtles and Captain America.  I love that you are braver than I ever thought you would be.  I love that you can light up a whole room in a matter of a minute.  Your personality is out of this world and I hope it never changes.

I can't wait to see what the years bring us.  I'm excited to watch you grow up into a mature women.  You are the light of our lives.  Happy 5th Birthday Princess!

Love, Mommy

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