Thursday, December 26, 2013


Fun Saturday with many activities, bowling, Lex hanging out with Aunt Randa and Rodeo with Aunt Autumn.

He is a Country BOY

This dog drives me to want to start drinking.

A puppy we had to nurse back to good health

Jaxon bowling in my Dad's Motorcycle fundraiser

Max got stuck at the North Pole, so RUBY joined us this year.

This spoke right to my heart.

If I could freeze time, I would.

Jaxon and his best Friend.

New glasses

These two are adorable together.

Jaxon is actually pretty good at chess

Everytime he has his glasses on, I just stare at him.  Gosh, he is cute.

Spunky girl

Morning ratness

Wonder Women Lexi

He really does love her

My most favorite perfume EVER

Ash letter to Santa

Jaxon in HIS spot

The reason I wake up EVERYDAY

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