Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life lately

We haven't done a whole lot of much lately, just trying to keep ourselves busy to keep our minds off of where we really wish we were.

In 10 days my step daughter Avery will be here and I'm excited to show her things around Texas.  We are making plans to do things and will hopefully have it all figured out soon.  I know that Six Flags and swimming are on the agenda, we'll see what else goes into play.

Started a project of organizing all my pictures, its a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I'm not even half way done, but its been nice to see all the pictures I have.

I cut my hair to get it off my shoulders and I love it.

My good friend Sunset sent me some vinyl and I put it to good use.

Started the 30 day shred, its a lot harder than I remember, but I'm trying to stay positive and keep going.

We have lots of things coming up in our plans, I can't wait.  I need some fun in my life right now.  Really missing my boys and home BAD.

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