Thursday, July 18, 2013

4 years

Yesterday marked the four year mark that changed our lives forever.  Bob's open heart surgery.  That day I learned all about faith.  I learned that my Husband is the strongest person I know besides my Mom.  I learned that I'm capable of doing more than what I ever thought. 

The memories of that day are forever etched in my mind, they will NEVER go away.  I remember how long the day was, I remember the worry, I remember talking with the surgeon, I remember Bob dying on the table and them telling me.  I remember them coming back out to talk to me, I remember seeing him for the first time and hitting the floor.  I remember driving home that night begging God to please not let Bob go to heaven, I wasn't ready, we had so much to live for.

And although the next few months would be a struggle, God knew what needed to be done.  He knew that Bob's time on earth wasn't done and that he still had lives he needed to change, a little girl that he needed to get to know and he still had many other things to take care of.

Looking back, I wonder at times how we made it, but now I know.  I know that it was all in God's hands.

I'm so thankful for the things in life that make us stronger, I'm thankful I am where I am today and without all the trials in life it wouldn't be worth it.  Today its WORTH it.  Its worth every single minute.

Happy 4 years of being healthy to my HUBBY!!!

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