Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of School year

This school year has been crazy and hectic.  Moving from one school to another hasn't been easy, put on top of that moving to another state and well, you have just plain CRAZY.  Both of my boys struggle a little bit to get going.  It was hard for them, but I'm proud of them both.

The way they do things in Utah and the Texas are completely different from each other.  In Utah, the Elementary kids go later and the High schoolers go earlier.  Well in Texas the Elementary kids go early and the High schoolers go LATE and I mean LATE.  My boys begin their day at 5am, get breakfast, get dress and catch the bus at 6:30am, its been a BIG adjustment.  They go to school every single day, no early out days from 7:40-2:40, but get to school at 7am.  Its a long and they only get ONE recess.  Do I like it this way?  Yes, I do.  My kids have learned so much in 5 months.  Jaxon came to Texas not knowing any multiplication or division and they were well into it here.  He caught on quickly and his teacher was amazed.  Ashton came here barely reading, its been a huge struggle for him and just hasn't came easy, he is now reading great with the help of his teacher and his own determination. 

So I'm a proud Mom, super sad that the school year is over, because this means my boys are heading to Utah for two months to be with my parents.  Its bittersweet and hard.  I've never been away from them this long.  But I know they'll be in good hands.  Who better to take care of them, then Grandma ALLLLLL summer. 

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