Friday, June 21, 2013

A week OFF

Back at the first year when I booked the kids plane tickets back to Utah I decided to take off the week before and dedicate every single minute to them.  And that I did...

We had so much fun.


We got up and ran some errands and later hit the pool in Saginaw up.

We had so much fun, its a little on the pricey side if you are not a resident of Saginaw, but we'll go back some more this summer.


We got up and met my friend who also moved down here from Utah at the Splash Pad up in Roanoke, we had fun and it was very HOT and HUMID.  So on the way home we stopped at Sonic to try out some of their new shakes.

Ashton got coconut cream pie, Jaxon and I got Oreo Cheesecake and Lex got Strawberry.

Later that night Ashton was talking about his lose tooth, Jax and him play around with trying to get it out for hours.

And now Ashton is missing 1 of his two front teeth and he isn't afraid to show it off.


We had plans to meet my cousin with her kids up at McDonalds in Alliance, we spent 3 hrs there, I've never done that, but it was so nice.

This day was Ashton's Birthday, so to celebrate we took him to dinner at Fuzzy Tacos, they were good.

Later that night the boys headed to their first day of Vacation Bible school (Kidsfest).

This was my view while waiting for the boys at the Church, so beautiful.
Earlier in the day I had went to Dick's and bought some $5.00 chairs for the kids, when I came out of my room this was the set up.

We had a lot to do in order to prepare the kids for their trip to Utah, so we spent the entire day running around grabbing last minute things.

And stay tuned for Friday....

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