Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Texas update

Things are somewhat calming down.  We are getting into a routine and it feels somewhat normal. 

Our Monday through Thursday is pretty chaotic and we are constantly on the go.

Bob and I have about a 45-50 minute commute each day.  So our routine is pretty strict in order for us to be home with the boys and get everything done. 

Last week was really hard on my kids and I, I think we had 3 nights where we cried.  The truth is we are homesick, but this is perfectly normal I guess.  This week I'm feeling better.  For the longest time I felt like I was abandoning my kids, because they no longer go to my parents, they are with people they don't know, in an enviroment they don't know. 

We have been attending a church since we got here and completely love it.  I'm so happy that we are starting a church life with our kids.  Its been so good to us and sometimes when you need that extra boost in life, church is a good place to get it. 

We are finding our way around this crazy state.  Its hard, because not everything is RIGHT here.  Target is 20 mins away and I'm not use to that.  There is so much here its kind of overwhelming, I haven't found Old Navy yet or even a mall, I plan to conquer that this weekend.  There are tons of outlets here and tons of shopping places, but I haven't had time to figure out where to go or anything.  Thats this weekend.

There are a ton of eating places around here.  So far we've been to Springcreek Barbecue, Mexican Inn, Cici's Pizza, China town Buffet, Texas Pit Barbecue, Cheddars, Cottonpatch and many fast food ones that don't exist in Utah.

The worse thing that could possibly happen since we got here, did!  Bob accidently deleted our hard drive with alllllll my pictures on it, I'm talking over 15,000 pictures on this drive and some I have backed up on a disc, but not everything.  I'm completely bummed and devastated, but thankful for FB where I put a good portion of my pictures and thankful that I'm somewhat up to date on my blog.  Now I have to start over.

Instagram Picture update:

Crazy hair day at school for Ashton.

This made my heart melt and there are no words to describe how it made me feel.

Ashton ready for church

Jaxon after a long hard day cuddled up with Daisy

Officially Lex favorite fast food place, not sure if its the hat or because she is on a cheeseburger kick.

My three babies who make me smile each day.

Nova doing what Nova does

Poor Daisy got into the fire ants

This is NOT winter here, its like spring, but hotter.  70s and 80s, so crazy.

My girl

Our sad moment.

Boys go to school super early and so its awhile until lunch and they are required to bring a snack each day.

Lex ready for church

The only way Jax can fall asleep these days.

Lex playing with one of her Xmas gifts, such a girl

Jax with his Bible my Grandpa gave to him when he came during the Summer.

Lexi being LEXI

My Grandpa has a pecan tree, I cracked a bunch and took them to work, so good.

A Texas storm, not like a Utah storm, totally different.
So things are good, we are finding our new normal and making.  Love to all!!

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