Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A few more things...

One day I'll start using my camera more often, for right now.  Things are still trying to get in order.

Boys started their new schools out here in Texas and I am very impressed already.  The curriculum is far more advanced here than Utah, so my boys will have some catching up to do, but I have no doubt they'll get it.  They both have very good and understanding teachers.  I've met them both and was quite impressed with them.  My boys are happy and that's what matters.
Bob and I celebrated New Year's at my cousins.  I'm so happy they live close and they have kids my kids ages.
Lex has been so busy with life that one night she went from going full speed to passing out in no time.

Lex in her new room.

Lex wearing her jammies SHE picked out.

Just Nova thinking that warm clothes out of the dryer are his to lay on.

Trying out a new pizza restaurant

Bob and Ashton eating frog legs and crawfish.

Lex started preschool this week.  It was a sad moment for me.  She is my baby and she isn't such a baby anymore.  I've never left my kids with a babysitter or anyone I didn't know and well I just did on Monday with my baby.  I'm happy to report she absolutely loves it.

Lex taking a bath in the BIG BATH TUB

Ash got a map for Christmas from his Great Grandma and he loves it and was so proud of it.
I'll have pictures of the house soon, once I feel that its 100% put together.  The boys both got new beds and mattresses.  I'm quite jealous.  Lex will be getting a new bed next.  We had to buy a new desk and lots of other things we didn't really plan for.  Moving is expensive and moving to another state is REALLY expensive.
I miss my Family like crazy, its been quite an adjustment, I can't just drive to my Mom's when I want or call up my sister on a Saturday to go shopping.  I'm trying to stay strong knowing that soon I'll get to see them.  

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