Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dinosaur Valley State Park

The one thing I remember most about being a kid is going out and seeing things.  My parents were always so good about getting in the car and going.  I've seen a lot in my 29 years of life, a lot more than some people can say. 

This is the one thing I hope to pay forward to my kids.  Every weekend, we try to do something new.  Discover something new or go somewhere we've never been.  This time is was Dinosaur Valley State Park.  There are no mountains in Texas, some may call their little hills mountains, but me, I don't call that a mountain.

This place was beautiful though and for a moment I felt like I was home. 

Dinosaur print in the river
Following Grandpa over the rocks in the middle of the river

Great Grandpa doing what he does best, showing my kids the world and teaching them things, I should've listened to him more.

Great Grandpa didn't give Lexi a choice on walking back over the rocks.

Lex looking at the Dinosaur stuff.
I'm so thankful that my kids have this opportunity to spend time with their Great Grandparents and learn about the things that my Grandpa loves most.

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