Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texas Stockyards

The first weekend being in our house was all hectic, we moved on Thursday.  Bob and my Grandpa unpacked everything with the help of some people from Church.  I was at a meeting for Lex daycare and I felt so bad.  So by the time Saturday came, my kids were stir crazy and wanted out of the house.

Fort Worth has Stockyards where they take the longhorns down the road and you can watch it right there on the road.  They also have all these different things to do.  We only had time to watch the longhorns and for lunch, then we had other things to take care of.

Before they went down the street, we walked into all the shops and the kids played around on some of the fake horses.

You can tell who had the most fun as always.  Ashton always puts some life into everything.  He has an imagination like no other.

By the silly dressed up cow.

Waiting for the Longhorns to go down the road.

The guy leading the herd says "Come on COW!" over and over and over again.  Its very interesting how this all plays out and its over in 10 mins, but worth it.

We'll definitely be going back to do some of the other fun things.  After we went to a burger place and it was so dang good.

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