Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Things were way different this year.  First time in 28 years that I haven't had Thanksgiving with my Mom and Dad.  We don't celebrate Holidays or anything with Bob's parents.  Its a long story, but this year we went to my Sister Miranda's house.  I guess I am preparing myself in everyway possible for what is about to happen. 

Changes are happening all around me.  My kids only have 3 weeks left at Sarah Jane before we pack up and leave to Texas.  Its crazy to think we'll be in Texas in a little over a month.  34 days to be exact.

Our tradition for the last 5 years has been stopping at  Einstein's for bagels and a coffee.  I don't know why we started this tradition, but we did it again this year.  It works out perfect, the boys normally eat a whole bagel and then another half with some cream cheese.

My monkeys with the dogs.  Notice Jaxon is making Nova smile.  Silly boy!

Bob pretty much cooked ALLLL day, he loves to cook, I don't.  I try, but I don't love it like he does.  Bob made cornbread from scratch for the dressing, mash potatoes that taste like HEAVEN and we, yes both of us, made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cream cheese frosting. 

Miranda bought a small 10lb turkey, which was perfect for us.  It turned out pretty dang good.

I took some family photos for my best friend, so I left for a bit and when I got back we ate. 

And that was Thanksgiving.  We stopped at my parents house before I went out to shop with my Sister and Mom, then they dropped me off at Walmart to shop with Misty.  Misty and I had all our stuff in our cart for the 8pm sales by 6:30pm and it worked out perfectly.  We camped out by the dual DVD Players for 2 hrs before I got in line to wait there.  It was so much fun, I just wish I had felt a little better.

Little did I know that I was coming down with a cold worse than I thought.  I woke up Friday morning having a hard time breathing.  Ended up going to the doctors and being diagnosed with Bronchitis that was turning quickly into Pneumonia.  Today I'm feeling a lot better, yesterday I was miserable and laid on the couch ALL day!

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