Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lexi @ 3 & 1/2

Oh this girl, she is full of spunk, life and craziness.  There is never a dull moment with Lexi. 

Some things I want to remember:

*She hates to eat unless its cheese, meat or cereal

*She thinks people "hide" things in her food

*She has a sassy attitude and isn't afraid to speak what she thinks

*She is 100% girl, but isn't afraid to get dirty

*She loves skinny jeans and has every color

*She is obsessed with clothes

*She loves rocks and has a rock collection at Grandma's

*She loves to play cars when the boys aren't around

*She loves to make a mess of anything

*She is sneaky, when she is quiet something is happening

*She is very very smart, sometimes I think too smart

*She is stubborn and once she has her mind set on something she isn't changing

*She loves shoes, preferably boots with the FUR or flip flops

*She is curious about everything

*She loves to torment the dogs, preferably little ones that don't stand a chance

*She WILL NOT try something, if she doesn't like the way it looks, she doesn't like it PERIOD

I have to remind myself daily that she isn't a baby anymore and sometimes I find a tear rolling down my face.  Where does time go and WHY does it go so fast.  My little girl is growing up and all I can say is WATCH OUT WORLD, here comes LEXI!!

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