Saturday, November 3, 2012


This time of the year is amazing to watch, the trees change colors, the temperature changes, we go from one season to the next and this is one of the biggest changes.  Watching Summer fade into Fall and then quickly into Winter.

This is what I feeling like is happening to me right now.  Everything is changing, the season is changing, life is changing, my world is changing and what I KNOW is changing.  As I'm packing up my house I run across things that make me realize life goes so quickly.  Like Jaxon's video from when he was in my tummy, it was an actually VHS, then I found Ashton's which was only 2 years later and its a DVD.  Finding pictures from high school and realizing that was 11 years ago, find my diploma, realizing that I've put college on the back burner WAY TOO LONG.  Finding clothes from when Lex was a baby and now here she is this 3 year old girl full of life.  Finding Bob and mines wedding album, realizing almost 10 years together has flown by.  Finding a bracelet Bob gave me when we first got together, find the necklace he gave me when I had Jaxon and realizing I've never even worn it. 

Change has never been a good thing for me, I've never been okay with it, but I've dealt with it in my own way.  Like when high school was over and I realized that my friends were all going separate ways or when I would get a new job at work and I would have to sit by someone I didn't know.  When I moved out of my parents house and I wondered who I would have conversations with when I was feeling down.  Or when I had my first child and I didn't know if I would be a good Mom.

Now my WHOLE world is changing, I'm moving out of the state I know, the one I call home, the place I know where everything is.  I know how far it will take me to get to Target, to Walmart, I have my favorite stores. 

A part of me is okay with this, the other part is saying....ARE YOU CRAZY!!!

Last night I was thinking, this could be REALLY good or REALLY bad.  I'm going with good, I think I need this change, I think my kids need it and I think Bob and I will grow from it. 

So although change is hard, some times you have to run with it.

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