Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Instragram Part 1

Lex is dying for an American Girl doll for Christmas.  Hopefully Santa fulfills her wish.

Ash, this kid cracks me up!

Hayride out at Black Island Farms
Finally got a iPhone and I have never been happier with a phone.

A good quote I found

Oh this little girl, she is quite the character

Mom's Dog had puppies

I have A LOT of nail polish

Lexi had a cold and went to bed early

New nail polish, like I needed anymore

Bought Nova a shirt, it says "Little Monster", totally fits him.

Finally a smile from my sick girl

Falling asleep on the couch with a cold

New hair color

Darkest I've ever been.
Packing, Packing and more Packing

Wild rice soup, so yummy

Nova, once again sleeping in his weird ways

Good morning princess with the Hooters shirt

Jax wearing a hat, only about the 2nd time he has ever done that

Yummy Tic Tac's for Breast cancer

Our Sunday Tradition of America's Funniest Home Videos

Seriously Heaven, White Hot Chocolate

Best cleaning product


Always buying a new craft item

Her Mommy left her and she was not happy about it.  Poor Roxy!!

Lasagna Roll Ups, so YUMMY!!!

We are FAMOUS!!


Best coffee creamer

Taco soup, so yummy!

Boxes GALORE!!!

Candy Corn dots, the most disgusting thing on earth..well one of the most!!

Went to check on my boys and they were helping the lady across the street with her leaves.
Jax said "Mom, look a real slug bug!!"


Went to Old Navy for myself, came out with NOTHING for myself and tons for Lex, always happens.

Yes, this face says it ALL

Hee Haw Farms clear down in provo

Lex loving the Cheesecake Factory

My food from the Cheesecake Factory

The best part about the Cheesecake Factory


Eating Cheesecake

Watching Dora, like always

New cup from Aunt Randa and Uncle Justin

My boys favorite Uncle Justin

Ash new mug from Aunt Randa and Uncle Justin

Jax new mug from Aunt Randa and Uncle Justin

Motrin for that lovely visitor that comes once a month....ugh!!

You know Christmas is coming when the kids look at these everyday for 90 days.

Jax fell asleep on the couch, doesn't happen very often.

Time for hot coffee, instead of cold

Cute puppy

Lex new jammy bottoms from Nanny

Just Ashton

Nachos for dinner

Boots time
One of my favorite quotes

Kids riding to get pumpkins

Jax pumpkin
Lex on the hayride

Lex got a rose at Costco

Leaves fun

 Jumping in the leaves

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