Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lucky Girl

Growing up I always wanted a brother, I was the oldest of three girls (My poor Dad!) and knew obviously I wasn't going to have an older brother, but that didn't stop me from adopting some guys to be my brothers. 

I think Lexi is pretty lucky, she has two older brothers who at the moment really want NOTHING to do with her.  But I've noticed that they are protective over her when it comes to certain things.

My boys are so different from my Daughter.  My boys are easy going, not hard to please at all and so full of life.  Lexi is very clingy, very much a GIRL and as STUBBORN as they come.  She is fiesty,  but I believe that she is for a reason, she has two brothers to keep up with.

Today while shopping with Lexi going from one place to the next, she says "I love my BROTHERS Mommy!"  At that moment I realized, she truly looks up to them and thinks the world of them, but that may change to be the opposite later on in life.

I feel truly blessed to have three beautiful and cute (for my boys), healthy kids.  I love staring at them in amazement that they are mine.

Although I probably would've had one more baby, I try to focus more on what I have instead of what I want.  Lately, I've been thinking about my dear friend who has been trying for two years to have a baby.  I know she reads my blog and I want to tell her that I still pray everyday that she gets pregnant and I keep waiting for that text or phone call.  Love you Andrea!!!  It will happen, don't give up!

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