Monday, March 19, 2012

Hard work pays off

Three years ago I NEVER thought Bob and I would own a decent car.  We got the hoopty (ford focus) right after Bob got sick, we paid $500.00 for it.  Then that got totaled and we bought the beast (Suburban) and spent over $4,000 in fixing it up and it was STILL a POS.  Then we got the Mercury Moutaineer and it was nice, actually really nice.  We paid cash for it and owned it out right.  But it was a gas hog and Bob and I commute to and from Roy to Layton 3 times a day, so we knew it wasn't going to work with gas prices reaching $4.00 a gallon.  We have talked about it, thought about it, but never really scoped out a plan.  We had all our debt paid off and were DEBT FREE, BUT...

became the proud new owners of this over the weekend.  It was spare of the moment.  We had put a car payment into our budget and knew it would work out just fine.  What was passing through my mind was having a car payment.  Truth is, Bob and I are better off then we ever imagined.  We have breathing room and a brand new car that gets 40-45 MPG, where in the Mountaineer we only got 15, if that.  We will be saving money in gas to have a car payment.  Its a 2012 Nissan Versa and I am in love with it.  Bob has been eye balling it for quite some time and has done lots of research on it.  It still feels like a dream, but I am super excited.  No more worrying about what is going to break next, instead I can worry about other things around my house.

FYI:  We don't have a nickname for her yet, I'm still thinking, we name all our cars...I know, weird!

And there are less than 9 days until my vacation, to say I am thrilled is an understatement, we've also cut our budget for gas right in half.


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh fancy I like it!

I have car envy of everybody right now. I drive a ten year old sienna and while it works like a champ it's lacking in bells and whistles you know. But last December Eric got a new car and I just refuse to have two payments so I sit and envy everybody else and there fun cars.

Enjoy it, and it must be a wonderful feeling to be debt free especially with the crazy last few years you guys have had. You must have some real dedication, good job!

Thiago & Teri said...

I love Nissan's, Thiago's first car he bought on his own was a Maxima, and i just loved it. Sure is pretty. Good for you, I say you deserve it!!!

Sunset Stanley said...

At first I was sad when I traded in my Audi for my Honda but I get such better gas millage that I quickly got over it! It makes a huge difference and does save you a lot of money!

I'm happy for you!