Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My spunky girl

This girl is growing up so fast.  Most days I'm in denial that she is turning 5 and that she'll be attending school.  Then she breaks out that sassy attitude and I'm like "Yup, its a good thing she is going to school and CALL HER DAD if there is any problems!"

She is stubborn as stubborn gets.  Nothing phases her.  She has an opinion about EVERYTHING and has no filter.

Sometimes I'm afraid of what she is going to say.  I literally bite my tongue and say a prayer that she'll think before she speaks.

Numerous times, she has embarrassed me in the store when her mouth spoke before she thought.  I try to NOT make a big deal of it, because if I do, it turns into a bigger mess.  But we are working on using kind words.

She also has a very high opinion about her hair and clothes.  All her clothes BUG her lately and she'd be just fine wearing her hot pink pants with dirt stains on them along with her other shade of pink shirt that is striped with her pink jacket that has blood stains on it from a bloody nose.  Oh and lets not forget her brown boots that have seen their better days.  She hates when her hair is curled.  Her words..."It looks horrible!"  She hates her hair being brushed and she has named every rat in her head from Rizzo the rat to Oscar to the latest of frizzy the rat.  She keeps us going.

Most days we agree to disagree.  And yet at the end of the day, when she tells me that she loves me which happens about 6 out of the 7 days of the week.  1 day she might be mad at me or fall asleep too soon and forget.

This girl has a personality that is out of this world.  She recites all the commercials, such as quilted northern and Oxy clean.  She reminds me everytime we are in the store that I should be buying Oxyclean, because it gets the tough stains out and that Quilted Northern is Ultra soft.  OH and her "hump day" is better than any commercial ever on TV.  I swear the girl is going to be an actress. 

She makes friends with everyone wherever she goes. She'll start with "Hi, My name is Lexi and I'm 4, but I look like I'm 7!"  She has been told ONE too many times that she is tall and doesn't look 4. 

Although she is a handful at times, I wouldn't trade the world for her.  She fits right in.  She keeps us laughing and I love her personality.  Although I am scared for her to start school.

I don't want to forget these years.  They fly by so fast.  One day I'll look back and miss the things that probably irritated me so bad at the moment.  I'm working on living in the moment and appreciating the little things in life.

I love this girls relationship with the Lord.  She loves to talk about God and Jesus.  She loves him and knows that he loves her.  I just hope that her relationship with him continues and grows forever.

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