Monday, September 9, 2013

Our 10th Anniversary

Bob and I didn't plan anything big for our 10 year anniversary.  With moving to Texas things are so different.  We both took the day off and just planned to spend time together.  We got up, went to breakfast at Starbucks, went and walked around the mall, grocery shopped and then headed to my Grandparents to drop Lex off as they were going to keep the kids for the night.

Bob and I decided last minute to head to Oklahoma to the Casino up there.  Winstar World Casino.  We have only seen it from the outside, not the inside.  I was quite impressed.  It was huge and the 45 mins we were there was a blast.

We walked in and found us a penny machine, sat down and played.  Bob watched me for a bit.  In the first 5 mins I won 286.70.  I was thrilled.

I was ready to leave at that point and run with my money.  Bob had stuck his money in to play.  I look over after just cashing out mine and see he has "high pay" on his winnings.  Bob and I do NOT gamble, so we had no clue what that meant.  But I push the "Collect Winnings" button.
And it says to call attendant, jack pot winner.  I couldn't believe it, Bob won 2195.00 and we had only been there 15 mins at the most.  We both got all happy and couldn't believe what had happened.

Needless to say, we took our money and RAN....who wouldn't.  We had the time of our lives.
I realized, not because I won money, but because I had prayed allllll week for a miracle and God knew we needed this money to get by. 

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