Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last Weekend with Avery

Time seriously flies and before you know it something is ending and something else is starting.  I can't believe there is only a week left until my boys are gone.  Its bittersweet.  Hard for me not to feel the emotions my Mom will go through as she says good bye to her grand babies....again!

I know she has cherished every single minute and my kids are so lucky to have her in their lives.

Our last weekend with Avery was good. 

Friday we did our usual errands and then later that night went to my cousins house.  I took care of getting the boys new school shoes and lunch bags.

 Saturday Bob fixed his Jeep and then later we went to the mall.  We went to build a bear and Lex had the time of her life.

 Sunday, we went to Summer Adventures, it was hot and we were MISERABLE.

Today, Avery left and its hard.  I feel like I got to know her so much in the last 28 days more than I have in the 10 years I've been with Bob.

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