Monday, December 15, 2014

Catching UP

Wow, I was looking at pictures 2and realized so much has happened in the past two months.  We've had a lot going on. 

So I'm going to update every person.


He is busy with homework every single day.  5th grade isn't easy.  Jaxon has had some good weeks.  We love good weeks.  He is busy building with Legos, riding his bike, playing with friends and doing whatever fills his time up. 



Ashton is busy with girls and I'm afraid this is ONLY the beginning.  We have girls fighting over him and by the way he is only 8.  I've had to talk to Asthon about girls and tell him he isn't allowed to officially date until he is 16, no IFs ANDs or BUTs.  Ashton's asthma has been better lately, thank goodness.  He is constantly on the go and has more energy than I know what to do with.  Back on 9/11 we had a pretty bad asthma scare.  But everything checked out good thankfully.  Then back at the first of November he was sick with a pretty bad bug, I felt so helpless and bad for him.  But he gained all his energy back.  He has become quite obsessed with his clothes and shoes.


A lot going on with her, there will be a separate post for documentation for her current situation.  She is full of spunk and life.  She is struggling with friends at school, but we are working on this.  She is very bossy.  We take it one day at a time, I have to remind her Dad quite often that she is NOT the boss.  We are constantly waiting on what crazy outfit she'll surprise us with next or comment she'll have to make.  She recently learned to ride her bike on her own with the help of Ashton.


Well he is Bob.  He has a lot of medical craziness going on.  Was recently diagnosed with a thyroid problem and a nerve problem in his hand.  But he continues going.  He is currently on break from school and I'm okay with it. 


I'm still plugging away.  Exhausted most days.  I just turned 31 and well I wish I was still 21.  But I'm not and I've had to accept that.  I'm busy crafting, doing laundry, working, doing laundry, filling in our schedule with fun things and oh DOING LAUNDRY.  Yup, this is my life.

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