Monday, October 14, 2013


Finally a Gold Starbucks member, took me long enough....LOL

"Hi Mom, I just ate your brand new chapstick!!"

Snuggles with Daisy

Girly girl

This year has flown by, can't believe its October

Texas doesn't get the memo about Fall until like December I hear (good thing I'll be gone), its still in the 100s and I'm wearing my boots.

This girl loves to color, write and be creative

Just one of the many days where Lexi comes out wearing the most random things.  Normally its socks on her hands.

Posing for a picture

added lights to my fall decor

I think he is cute.

National Coffee Day

New hair style

Jax decided to dress up this year, thank goodness.

Homemade chicken pizza

Columbus Day with these three.

My babies

Took the boys and dogs for a walk.

The Texas sky is Beautiful

Friday Lunch Dates with my girl, they will probably be ending....sadness!!!

Just a nap on the way home from being picked up

shrek girl

Another one of Nova's funny lounges

I want to take a Gecko home....

Nova explanation needed

Oh, this girl has major dreams

Can always count on Ash for a good laugh

New pictures, new frames

$2.10 shirts at Target, my kind of deal

Treat the monkeys to Starbucks on Fridays

Poor Ashton's asthma has been out of control


Daisy Snuggles

Big monster

Lex is packing her shoes....she is ready to go.

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