Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bounce Back at Lagoon

Since we had gone to Lagoon and rode all the rides, we wanted to just bounce back at Lagoon A Beach.  I can't believe how much Lagoon wears you out, but holy crap, it takes me like 5 days to recover.

I wasn't impressed with Lagoon A Beach AT ALL.  The lazy river was horrible and it cut your feet.  Ashton left with a slice in his toe and I left with like 3 in my feet.

We loved two of the slides, but its certainly NOT worth the 49.00 that it is to get in.  Luckily we only paid the bounce back price to go.

Lex conquered a fear of Waterslides during our visit to the water park.  I didn't give her a choice on going on the tube slides and I made her go, she ended up loving it and went over 2 dozen times.

We had a lot of fun, but like I said, I always leave worn out.

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